Cross All Lines
Let me go by a different name, so I can be someone else for a change.

Hi. You may know who I am, you may not, but I will not let you know. Here is the place I unload all of who I am. That being said, accept the weirdness, the rage, the pain, the joy, the laughter, the tears and everything else that comes with being .. me.

Onyx is the name. Well, not really. Just call me that. Eighteen. Philippines <3

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#PrayForSouthKorea #PrayForSinabung #PrayForChile #PrayForUkraine #PrayForFlores #PrayForTheWorld :( :’( T^T


#PrayForSouthKorea #PrayForSinabung
#PrayForChile #PrayForUkraine
#PrayForFlores #PrayForTheWorld :( :’( T^T

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The point of fics set in alternate universes are to show that no matter what setting or circumstance, these two people will always find each other. I will find you. Every me loves every you.
— Me ranting to Tati (tsuritamagotchi) two nights ago (via kris-wu)

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